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  Agarose is extracted from Agar, a neutral component of Agar with no charge. It's obtained from polysaccharide in red alga, hydrophilic. It rarely causes denaturation and absorption of sensitive biological molecules, is an ideal inert carrier. Pure agrarose is frequently used in biochemical tests for the separation of small molecules by electrophoresis or chromatography.

  As an agar manufacturing specialized enterprise, Green Fresh is able to ensure the stable and professional source of feed.

  1. High transparency: fast dissolve, solution with high transparency
  2. High strength: gel strength and elasticity guranteed, not tend to break even with low concentration
  3. Low electroendosmosis: reduce the effect on migration and separation of electrophoretic substance
  4. Clear background: no interference from other fluorescent material, electrophoresis easily distinguished from backgroud, image with good effect
  5. No protease and nuclease contained

Product qualifications
  Green Fresh have passed the ISO9001, BRC certificate, and CMS. We keep improving our quality management system, make sure our compliance with relevant domestic quality standards and international quality standards such as FDA, UNFAO and EU standards.