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Emulsifier & Stabilizer and Thickening Agent: FW Series

  The FW Series is a high-quality stabilizer developed by our R&D team based on extensive experience in the production and application of edible gums. It is widely applied in the production of yogurts, vegetable protein beverages, fruit & vegetable granule suspensions, fruit jams, soft ice creams and ice-lollies, etc. It is highly recognized by its stable performance and top-notch quality.

I. Fruit and Vegetable (granule, puree and juice) Stabilizer
Edible gums are used as raw materials. It is applicable to fruit granule suspension beverages, fruit jams and smoothies which retained the flavor and is resistant to freezing and thaw; end products provide with fine ice crystals.

II. Set Yogurt, Stir yogurt and Long Shelf Life Yogurt Stabilizers
This product is agar based and contains rich edible fibers. Yogurts made from this product are tasty with good flavor release and with smooth and short texture. The molecular structure with low degree of polymerization provides favorable conditions for the fermentation of probiotics. It is an essential raw material of long shelf life yogurt, stir yogurts and set yogurts.

III. Plant Protein Beverage Emulsific Stabilizer
Blended of premium hydrocolliods. This product provides the end product a fresh, short texture mouth feel and is thermal stable. It can effectively solve the problem of oil separation. It is applicable to UHT, high-temperature sterilizing techniques. It is a preferred raw material for the production of peanut, walnut , almond, coconut milk, cereal drink and other plant protein beverage.

IV. Ice-cream Emulsifier & Stabilizer
This product is composed of agar and other hydrocolloids and emulsifiers. It contains high dietary fibers with excellent emulsifying and puffing effects. It can postpone the forming of ice crystals and stable in freeze and thaw. It provides smooth and soft mouth feel. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for the production of ice creams.

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