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Carrageenan Meat Powder: FH Series

  FH Series is a blended and tailor solution applicable to the production of various types of cooked meat products. It is made of our quality carrageenan and other food gums. The series is divided into injection, rolling and chopping products as well as blended meat product binding agents. It can be applied in full spectrum of meat product processing with guaranteed quality and therefore, is widely used by meat product manufacturers.

I. Injection Type for Meat Products
This product emphasizes the reactivity between carrangeenan and protein. It has very high dispersibility and penetrability so that it can fully bind with proteins in meats to keep moisture, ensure the elasticity and achieve the easy-to-slice feature of meat fibers. It also increases the tenderness and juiciness of meats. Model TY01 is recommended for bacon meats.

II. Tumbling Type for Meat Products Model TY01 is recommended for bacon meats.
This product is a high-end solution of tumbling meats. It is characterized by low viscosity, ease of dispersion, high penetrability and synergy with starch and soy protein. It makes meat products with excellent texture and elasticity, prevent oil reconsolidate, starch set back. and easy to slice. TC-02 may also be used for low-temperature injection products. mso-bidi-language:AR-SA'>Tumbling Type for Meat Products Model TY01 is recommended for bacon meats.

III. Chopping Type for Meat Products
This product has high strength and viscosity. It synergizes with starches and soy proteins. It is good for the emulsification and cohesion of high-temperature products and applicable to the production of chopped and mixed meat products. It preserves water and oil within the finished products from losses during cooking and steaming process.

IV. Blended Meat Product Setting Agent
These items are performed with high retention of oils and water, high elasticity and tenacity and high chewiness. It synergies with starches to inhibit the set back of starches; allows cooking for a long time and has a strong resistance to freezing/thaw and thermal shrinkage. It is applicable to production of meat ball products, frozen convenience food, Taiwanese BBQ sausage, baked sausage and bionic meat products. EndFragment--> Model TY01 is recommended for bacon meats.

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