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Chewy candy powder: FR Series

  FR Series is a carrageenan compound powder which is widely used in the production of high and medium-grade chewy candies. This series has stable quality, long shelf life and high technical adaptability. It is widely used by candy manufacturers since launched.

I. Powder for Chewy Candy
This models are carrageenan solutions for gummy candies. It is applicable to the production of various types of carrageenan gummy candies made in manual molding. It has high yield rate, good firming ability and de-molding property, chewiness without adhesion to teeth, high elasticity and a high cost performance. Model Q is particularly applicable to corn base candy and other candies with a high tenacity. Models JK and SDJ are applicable to automatic molding.

II. Sour Stable Fruit Pie Gummy Candy Powder
This gummy candy powder is performed with high tenacity, high elasticity and high fluidity during molding. It is applicable to carrageenan chewy candies with concentrated fruit jams and acidulants. The powders must be added only when the syrups have been heated up to 102-103oCand the dosage shall not exceed 5%.

III. Neutral Fruit and “Vegetable Cake” Chewy Candy Powder
These models consist of carrageenan and other hydrocolloids. It integrates well with starches and prevent starch set back. It also has good molding ability, outstanding water preservation, high resistance to drying shrinkage and high yield rate. Therefore, it is an ideal raw material for the production of cereals food, potato food, crystal potatoes, coconut based candies. the syrups have been heated up to 102-103oCand the dosage shall not exceed 5%.

IV. Crystal Gummy Candy Powder
This product has high tenacity, high elasticity and high fluidity upon gel cooking and molding. It is transparent and applicable to any product requires crystal clear transparancy. Acid content shall not exceed 1.2%. Syrups are preferably glucose syrup and granulated sugar of good color (high-grade customized products); RH1 has a slow gelling speed and high resistance to cooking and therefore, is applicable to production of dual-color soft candies.

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