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International and National Use Standard of Agar-Agar

  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulated agar-agar as a generally recognized safe (GRAS) ingredients, while FAO/WHO imposes no limit on its ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake).

  According to the ‘National Food Safety Standards: Food Additive Use Standards (GB 2760-2014)’ of China, agar-agar is allowed to be used at an appropriate quantity in various types of foods (GB 2760-2011 Table A.2).

Quality Index

Item/Type LV - Q1 LV - Q3 LV - Q5
Appearance   Light yellow or white uniform powder, odorlessness  
Moisture(%)   ≤ 12  
Total ash(%)   ≤ 5  
Gel strength(g/cm2),1.5%20℃ ≥ 800 ≥ 1100 ≥ 1500
Starch pan   Negative  
Gelatin   Negative  
Arsenic(As)(ppm)   ≤ 3.0  
Lead(Pb)(ppm)   ≤ 5.0  
Total plate count(CPU/g)   ≤ 10000  
Yeasts & Moulds(CFU/g)   ≤ 300  
Escherichia Coli   Negative  
Salmonella Spp./25g   Negative  
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