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LV-Q Agar & Modified Agar Series

  With more than 30-year, the famous brand “Jinminnan” LV-Q agar agar is a highly recognized product developed by our R&D Team through making number of scientific breakthroughs from the traditional techniques. With outstanding performance, LV-Q agar agar is widely applied in high-end food, health food, personal care & comestic products and biopharmaceutical materials as well as clinical assay, biochemical analysis and biochemical research reagents.

I. Powders for Cereals and Fruit Pulps Cake (Representative Models: Q2 and Q3)
This refined agar synergize with grain starches and fructose. It is the preferred raw material for production of Yokan and fruit pulps cakes (Blueberry, Sour date, Tamarind pulp, Rosa roxburghii, Selenium-rich greengage, etc.). The finished products are springy, smooth, tender and tasty with retained flavors and nutrition of fruits. It satisfied the demand of healthy and nutritious foods nowadays.

II. Yogurt and Lactobacillus Beverage Stabilizer
Extracted from gracilaria. The well selected raw materials are processed with uni-technique and obtain a natural oligose at a lower degree of polymerization (DP). It has the characteristics of low melting point, high content of edible fibers, high transparency, excellent gelling performances and viscosity. The yogurt products made with this produce provide fine and thick but short texture and improve the release of flavour. The molecular structure with a low degree of polymerization provides favorable conditions for the fermentation of probiotics. Therefore, it is an essential raw material for the production of room-temperature yogurt, stir yogurt, set yogurt and lactobacillus beverage (Drinking yoghurt).

III. Plant Tissue Culture and Biochemical Separation (Representative Models: Q4 and Q5)
This product has the characteristics of high transparency, excellent gelling performances and viscosity, with the outstanding functionalities, it is an appreciated material in biochemical sector.

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