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Group Culture

Core culture
  We have always cherished the life philosophy of “Green, pro-environmental, creditable, creative”, and we believe that seaweed is closely related to our health and fitness. As a marine biological resource, seaweed is an active substance, contains rich and diversified mineral resources and vitamins. It is also a natural food with a high content of edible fibers and is honored as the “birds’ nest underwater” for its unique fitness preservation effects. The human beings still need to further explore the benefits of seaweed. We feel lucky to be in this industry and we will make further research in this field to bring greater benefits to the health and beauty of human beings.

  To achieve such a goal, we have beaten numerous challenges and achieved numerous targets. In the new era, we have determined our core value philosophy, “Market-oriented, technology-driven, staff-based, management-guaranteed and service-dependent development”, to lead and regulate the various plans, designs and projects of group reformation and innovation.

Corporate Culture
  Our mission is ‘To benefit people via intelligent use of natural resources’. We have always cherished the idea of ‘Be Green, Creditable and Creative’. We believe seaweed is a treasure to human health and fitness. It is not only a natural food with high edible fibers, but also a valuable marine resource with high nutritional value, including rich mineral substance and vitamins. Sustainability has always been our biggest concern. We are honored to be in this industry and we promise to carry further researches and development in this field and bring up better benefits to the health and beauty of human beings.
  Our Core Values: Be Green, Creditable and Creative
  Green: Take Food Safety and Health of Human Beings as the foundation of our value and development
  Creditable: Deliver the Best Products and Service to our Clients and Commit to Corporate Social Responsibility
  Creative: Strive for front-edge Technology and Outstanding Quality through Dedication and Meticulous Management

Staff life
  We aim to "create the No.1 brand". We try to create a living and working platform where personal career goals of staff are aligned to the corporate goal, so as to realize the win-win and joint progress of staff, society and company. We expect to attract talents and develop talents through a good environment.

Outstanding team
  Our business tent is "lake food health of the human beings as the base of our survival and development". Our elite management team has fumed this tenet info the goal, responsibility and mission of our staff. We aim to develop a "learning, growing and valuable" organization through time efficiency management. Each of our staff is fulfilling their duties according to the quality policy of "strive for cutting-edge technology and outstanding quality through meticulosity and dedication and the production safety rule of "prevention, proper treatment and at-staff participation". We strongly believe that good products are created by staff. We will keep developing the best workforce and deliver satisfied performances to the society, clients and ourselves through scientific attitudes and pragmatic spirits.
  Under the leadership of our chairman Mr. lvan Chan and general manager Mr. Eddie Chan, all company staff are committed to make new contributions to the health of human beings through our outstanding concepts, products and services, as well as our strength and capability as a "Chinese Professional hydrocolloid Manufacturer".