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President Address

  Thanks to everyone who has paid attention to Green Fresh. The group is developing steadily only because of your trust and support.
  Established in 1995, Green Fresh has been developing for more than 20 years and is specialized in hydrocolloid, which includes agar,carrageenan, konjac powder and their compound products. Green Fresh is always up to date with National Marine Economic Policy, highly regards the idea of “Green, pro-environmental, creditable, creative”. As a Chinese professional hydrocolloid manufacturer, Green Fresh is one of the national high-tech enterprises who start modification research the earliest and own the largest scale. Green Fresh is also involved in the drafting and modification of national standards of carrageenan and agar.

  We are so proud of what Green Fresh have achieved in the past, and are confident of the broad prospects Green Fresh will have in the future. In this new development stage, Green Fresh will facilitate the development of seaweed products in line with the national initiative to develop the marine economy, vigorously promote the deep-processing of products, and establish a new blue economic industrial chain, with an aim to become a ‘Global leading runner in the hydrocolloid industry’. To achieve this goal, we need all Green Fresh staff to work hard as always, together with the continuing support from various social circles. Green Fresh will keep focusing on new products and projects, and providing innovative products to social and customers.
  We would like to cooperate with everyone, and create a bright future.